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Hazene Houses


Hazene’s illustration started out like any other doodles that you do at the back of your notebooks. We didn’t have any concept in mind and each one of us was doodling away. In the end we decided to use miniature houses because one of our colleague had all these displays that she bought in Europe. As we progress the drawing while sipping a cup of tea, what turn out to be drawing of individual houses became a little town. We included bakery, bookshops, candy store and even a hotel! We like to see this as a little utopia town. Here is the final outcome of the illustration that can be seen on the first page of!


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Hazene 101 – The Website

In this post, we want to share with you Hazene’s website concept and functions. You may (or may not) have already seen our FB posts briefly talking about this, but it doesn’t hurt to do it twice right?

Hazene’s original concept is for our website to portray a real life store! That is why the product categories are in the “floor plan”, the cart is your “change room”, and we have a category called the “sorting rack”.

Floor Plan 


The floor plan is basically the product categories menu that can be minimized or maximized. It was designed to reflect an actual floor plan of a retail store. The orange highlighted section is where you are on the website. You can access the floor plan from anywhere you are on the website.

Change Room

The change room is your cart! You can simply add items that you want to try on (or purchase) into the change room. In the change room you can review what you would like to purchase, add back to the wish list or remove from your change room. Any unwanted items removed from the change room goes to the sorting rack.

Sorting Rack

The sorting rack acts like a real life sorting rack! As mentioned earlier, any items removed from your change room will go to the sorting rack.  This feature assists you in the shopping experience for when you are in a hurry and want to see what other customers have liked!  We usually clear the sorting rack out by the end of the day.

Wish List

The wish list works like any other normal wish lists! It is essentially a list of goods that you may want to purchase in the future. There is no time frame and limit to your wish list! Keep in mind that items in your wish list are still available in the catalogue and visible by other customers to purchase.

Themed Illustrations

You may have noticed the house doodles on the header and landing page of our website. That’s the current themed illustrations done by the Hazene gang! This feature was created to collaborate and support emerging artists. The artwork can range from design to photography. So if you would like to collaborate with us, don’t be shy and shoot us an email. Even if you don’t want to collaborate, shoot us an email anyways, because we love to talk!

Written by: KS

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