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Meet our model: Tamika

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Love my family, friends and having a good laugh. My philosophy in life is to eat chocolate always. I have an easygoing attitude and believe happiness should be everyone’s number one priority.

What’s your styleMy style isn’t specific, but I would say it is quite girly, sometimes classic, but mostly I like a bit of everything.

Whose style you most admireMiranda Kerr or Blake lively

Best vintage item you own? Playsuit; very comfortable on those hot summer days. It’s bright striking patterns and gorgeous vintage style buttons make it appealing to the eye and individual.

Favourite item from the Hazene shopIt’s very hard to pick a favourite, I love all of Hazene’s huge selection of garments. However one of my favourites would have to be the Magenta dress. I love its bright colours and buttons.

Name the one piece of clothing you can’t live withoutA pair of comfy jeans, who can’t live without them.

What trend do you like to bring back? Head scarves; a few years ago I remember they were very popular, nowadays I bring one out every now and then

What era do you wish you live in and why1950s, I absolutely love the cute dresses and classiness of the era

Favourite place in MelbourneIt’s very difficult to pick one favourite, but my favourite thing about Melbourne is wandering around the streets and discovering hidden boutiques and shops you didn’t know about. I also love the atmosphere along south bank.

Where do you find inspiration? Magazines, online blogs and the world around me

Where’s your next travel destination? Hawaii, I can’t wait

A secret that nobody knows about you? It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you ;)

Please finish the sentence below:

I love it when … you get that last car park right near the front of the shop

My personal motto is … everything happens for a reason

Advice to my 16year old self … Don’t sweat the little things in life because it’s true what they say life really is too short.

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Meet our model: Isaac

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Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Isaac Forsyth, I am 21 years of age. I was spat out into this world in the bay of Islands and have been rambling about ever since. I’m a writer, actor and sideshow performer as well as doing a little of this and a little of that for Hazene, if you can why not? right? I’m obsessed with cinema and writing. I carry a pen at most times. My right arm or leg is covered in chicken scrawl. So if there’s any film makers out there who enjoy the old Dark comedy or twisted tale give us a holler, perhaps collaboration could be in order.

What’s your fashion style? Dresspian worn out Prestige.  A concept cocktailed from all areas of dressing. I’m influenced by costuming so the way I wake up in the morning usually influences the way I dress due to the character I feel. A thespian of dressage.

Whose style do you most admire? I couldn’t say, there are so many different cool cats out there and to point at one would be rude to the rest.

Best vintage item you own? Tough question, but I’d probably have to say this old reed boater hat from the 1920’s. I picked it up for twenty Euros in the south of France, it’s a little too small for me but I love it as if were my own child.

Favourite item from the Hazene shop LEO!!!! Leonardo Dicaprio shirt. I’m not one to carry another man’s face on my chest, but with Leo… it feels right.

Name the one piece of clothing you can’t live without? I do love my floral suit jacket/blazer or whatever you call it. It looks like a couch or drapes, or as if some maniac had the audacity to hack one of the two up and Frankenstein me this most illustrious and sensual beast.

What trend do you like to bring back? Not to bring back but to start, I started a league when I was living in France and the concept was that if you were in the league you’d have three different coloured pieces of candle wax in the far corner of your right lens of your sun glasses. What the league did, I know not but I liked the idea, subtle yet eloquent.

What era do you wish you live in and why? Okay, 1920’s to party Kerouac, 1800’s to hang with the dandy’s, 60’s to witness the mod Vs. Rockers show down at Brighton Rock beach, probably check the factory out and hang with those crazy motor scooters, then probably go impregnate Audrey Hepburn and take her to the future for some space travel. BOOM, question answered.

Favourite place in Melbourne I was working a hotel last year, Batman Hotel. I was working as a Houseman which meant a lot of keys and free time. I’d go to the roof to smoke a cigarette. It hangs right over Southern Cross station and seeing the people walk around is pretty nice.

Where’s your next travel destination? Wanna go back to France again, see my family. But Tokyo would be epic, went there ages ago and loved it. Sweden would also be nice. For diplomatic reasons of course.

Please finish the sentence below:

I love it when … I find things and they are now mine.

My personal motto is… You better look after me god, or you’ll have me on your hands!

Advice to my 16year old self … The long con is not a good idea if you want to remain friends with your mark at the end.


Written by: NL

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