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Quintessential Style

The classic American look of the upper-middle-class prep schools boys from the East Coast.  Standard items include blue blazers, cotton Izod polo shirts, button down shirts, striped ties, argyle sweaters, chinos, boat shoes and tasselled loafers.

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Dr Martens Video

Last week we went around Melbourne to create this short video clip on our upcoming Dr Martens! It was really fun creating this, so expect more videos to come in the future from us. Video taking and editing is addictive!

The Docs will be available tomorrow on Thursday 21st of February at Hazene for men and ladies, so keep an eye out!

Written by: KT

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Dr Martens


Ever wonder where and how Dr Martens came about? Why they became such a fashionable icon back in the early 70s?  Dr Martens was designed by a man named Klaus Martens. He was not a shoe designer, but in fact a doctor that served in the German army during World War 2! He found the army boots to be uncomfortable and re-designed it with soft leather and air-padded soles. He’s indeed a man with many great talents. The Classic 1460 Boots was the first boots released in the UK (on 1st April 1960).



Doc martens were significant to the British punk youth and skinheads. Take Sid Vicious for example who is a member of The Sex Pistols, he was one of the first to wear DMs. Wearing Doc Martens for these guys was also a mimicking form of a man who is overly dressed for work.



We have a colourful collection of Dr Martens coming soon at Hazene. You can shop here for the ladies and here for the men on Thursday 21st Feb at 10 am AEST.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We are absolutely thrilled for February. Well, lots of love is in the air this month! Valentine’s Day is not only about chocolates and roses, here are a few items we have put together that you may want to take a look. Of course, the first place to look for these is our own beloved store, Hazene, for awesome gifting ideas! But also check out these other items from our favourite online stores across the web! It does not matter whether these gifts are for your loved ones or for your own indulgence (ahem me), I am sure they will bring you all smiles! :)

For Her:

for her copy

1. French Country Floral Dress $59 // 2. Lomography Diana F+ Map Camera $99 // 3. The Gourmant – Issue 1 $15 // 4. Hand Painted Silk Scarf by Klaradar $60 // 5. Cole Gerst ‘Skyline’ Canvas Zip Wallet $38 // 6. Handmade Canvas Backpack by Bagybag $94 // 7. Recycled Glass Tree Globes by Stephen Kitras $45// 8. Delicate Gold Bracelet  – Ruby Stone by Wink Jewellery $39 // 9. Checkered Sheer Blouse $45 // 10.  Bougies La Victorie 20x white wax candles $24 // 11. 90s Tobago Sandals $50 // 12. Audrey Grace Lookbook $30


For Him:

for him copy

1. Dark Green Velvet Blazer $119 // 2. The Grill Bar Spice Kit by Kitchen Stories $24 // 3. KOMONO Black Magnus Watch $100 // 4. Django Unchained Soundtrack $24 // 5. Eastern Elephant Pillowcase $34 // 6. Rose Gold Hook on Navy Rope Bracelet $75 // 7. Black Straight Razor by The Art of Shaving $140 // 8. Off Track Rucksack Circa 1980 by Jansport Heritage $55 // 9. The Butler Handmade by Micklish $170 // 10. Hawaiian Shirt $59 // 11. Energy Quartz Apothecary Terrarium Necklace $40 // 12. Hazene Denim Blazer $139

Written by AA

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Australia Day

Celebrate Australia Day with these Gold and Green beauties.

Yellow Checkered Shirt                                                                      Woolrich Green Shirt

dressFloral Halterneck dress                                                                      Yellow Tulip Dress

bottomsFloral A-line Short                                                                                  Green Star Legging

Written by: NL

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