Dr Martens


Ever wonder where and how Dr Martens came about? Why they became such a fashionable icon back in the early 70s?  Dr Martens was designed by a man named Klaus Martens. He was not a shoe designer, but in fact a doctor that served in the German army during World War 2! He found the army boots to be uncomfortable and re-designed it with soft leather and air-padded soles. He’s indeed a man with many great talents. The Classic 1460 Boots was the first boots released in the UK (on 1st April 1960).



Doc martens were significant to the British punk youth and skinheads. Take Sid Vicious for example who is a member of The Sex Pistols, he was one of the first to wear DMs. Wearing Doc Martens for these guys was also a mimicking form of a man who is overly dressed for work.



We have a colourful collection of Dr Martens coming soon at Hazene. You can shop here for the ladies and here for the men on Thursday 21st Feb at 10 am AEST.


5 thoughts on “Dr Martens

  1. hazeneAdmin Post author

    Thanks Natalie. We will upload the black DM Boots on Thursday so make sure you check back then. What size are you? Love your blog btw. Bella xx

  2. hazeneAdmin Post author

    Yes the well worn DM is the most comfy. It will take awhile so keep wearing them everywhere you go even when you are at home Karen. Bella xx

  3. Karen

    Oh I love Doc Martens, I got myself some last year and it’s taking ages to give them the rugged worn in feel! I have the classic black ones which I love and have worn them a lot :)

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