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Dr Martens


Ever wonder where and how Dr Martens came about? Why they became such a fashionable icon back in the early 70s?  Dr Martens was designed by a man named Klaus Martens. He was not a shoe designer, but in fact a doctor that served in the German army during World War 2! He found the army boots to be uncomfortable and re-designed it with soft leather and air-padded soles. He’s indeed a man with many great talents. The Classic 1460 Boots was the first boots released in the UK (on 1st April 1960).



Doc martens were significant to the British punk youth and skinheads. Take Sid Vicious for example who is a member of The Sex Pistols, he was one of the first to wear DMs. Wearing Doc Martens for these guys was also a mimicking form of a man who is overly dressed for work.



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Look of The Week

This week’s favourite look is highly influenced by the 90’s. My admiration for the 90’s goes above and beyond my love for Ryan Gosling. Being a tween in the 90’s is great. There is nothing better than rocking out to Weezer, idolizing Hope Sandoval, and listening to heartbreak songs by Suede in your room filled with posters of Shawn Hunter and probably Leonardo DiCaprio.


Swooning over Shawn Hunter’s perfectly gelled hair and warm smile.

Fashion in the 90’s involved a bit of grunge, hip-hop, and modern preppy wear. In other words, fashion in season 1, 2 and possibly 3 of Boy Meets World. Which by the way, you should watch if you haven’t already seen it. Feeny’s life lessons WILL carry you through life. Promise.









 Model: Bonnie

Floral Lace Blouse $43.00, Flower Power 90’s Dress $49.00, Flower Power Boots $55.00

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