About Hazene

Hazene Online Vintage Shop is a treasure trove of pre-loved clothes just waiting to be discovered.

Launched in December 2012 the online store was built on a leap of faith, the desire to follow a dream and be true to ones self. Growing day by day Hazene is run by a passionate team that seem to effortlessly breath new life into everything they touch.

Sourced from Europe, the team seek items that are striking, timeless and quirky, all carefully hand picked for a new life in a different era. Lovers of all kinds of hidden treasures, Hazene shines an inspiring light on up-cycling, encouraging imagination and expression through daily fashion.

The team’s keen eye for detail and creative flair encourage imaginations to run wild, appealing to fashion seekers that have their own style, don’t rely on trends and have confidence in the way they wear their clothes.

Creating an online store allowed the Hazene team to share their love for fashion with the world and provide shoppers with exciting, exclusive pieces that in every way meet the Hazene point of difference for being unique.

Now worlds away from their former lives, the Hazene founders stay true to themselves taking inspiration from past travels, new friends, everyday smiles, beautiful food and loving family. Natural born go-getters the team are a down to earth bunch that can’t help but openly express their fun attitude towards life and, whilst busy as bees, they always find time to stop and smell the roses.